Good Hertz, LLC is Devin Kerr1 & Rob Stenson2. We make audio software, like CanOpener & Speaker+ , and you can find our tech in products like FHX for Fidelia . We’ve also just begun a public beta test of a series of audio plug-ins for Mac.

If you’re interested in licensing3 our tech, hiring us4 as consultants, or just learning more about Good Hertz, shoot us an email or tweet us @canopener.

  1. Devin Kerr is an audio mastering engineer who studied Sound Engineering (B.S.) and Media Art (M.A.) at the University of Michigan and has conducted research on timbral ear training, human hearing and psychoacoustics, and spatial audio processors. Devin’s personal website.
  2. Rob Stenson studied architectural history and computer science at Columbia University, and has been building interfaces ever since, most recently at Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer. Rob’s personal website.
  3. Good Hertz algorithms are available for iOS, OS X, Android-on-ARM, or even HTML5. Even if you don’t see your target platform on that list, contact us & we can figure something out.
  4. We specialize in everything from production-ready audio code on iOS & OS X, to rapid prototyping. Interested in seeing an idea come to life quickly? Or releasing an audio app on the AppStore? We can help.