This page is from 2012

“If I were a drummer, I would play just like Bernard Purdie.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt (disputed)

Every drummer on Funklet has great feel – duh. Beyond feel, they are great composers. You can player “Yesterday” on the oboe. You can play “Cold Sweat” on an 808. Dig?

Funklet is an educational resource. Some of my students learn quicker with Funklet. Some don’t. One doesn’t even like drums, but saw them on TV – where they were much quieter – and dug the look. She’s five.


Jack Stratton (@jacks) curates Funklet.

Rob Stenson (@robstenson) built the site. He also plays fretless clawhammer banjo.


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For more anecdotes and technical advice, check out Jim Payne’s Give The Drummers Some! and Stanton Moore’s Groove Alchemy, respectively.