Cleveland Heights lacrosse camp. Coach takes me aside.

“If you throw a ball against a wall one thousand times a day, come to my high school and take all AP classes, I will get you into any Ivy.”

I was in sixth grade. In the midwest (lacrosse purgatory). But according to my dentist, if I grew into my teeth I’d be 6’4”.

The lacrosse coach was delusional. My dentist was an insult comic.

I appreciated the stakes. I remember it. I want to be that person:

If you play this b-section everyday, take all AP classes and go to any Ivy, I will eat my hat.1

A lot of Zig vocab is packed into this b-section.

I put it on par with Jamerson’s?“Darling Dear” and Purdie’s?“O-o-h Child”. I mean three things:

A) One musician is given space to drive the bus.

B) Said musician drives the bus.

C) You need not look further to learn the player’s vocab. These songs are Campbell’s Condensed Soup.

Get this in your hands. If you can improvise phrases like this, you’re doing well.

listen to the”George of the Jungle” kick drum

listen to the “woo-ing” in the background

July 12, 2012

Zigaboo Modeliste