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    Chase Bliss Lossy Demo
    YouTube Preview Nov. 21, 2023
  • #article
    The Lossy Pedal!
    We made a pedal with Chase Bliss! Nov. 21, 2023

    It was an uncharacteristically gray April day here in Southern California when the team from Chase Bliss parked under the orange tree in front of my house. The weather felt quite cold to me, but as they piled out of their rented van, I could tell they weren’t all that bundled up and didn’t mind the overcast sky and light chill.

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    Tupe Wow Beta #1
    The first Tupe Wow beta Nov. 20, 2023

    At long last, the plugin we’ve promised (and you’ve been asking for!) — a mashup of Tupe AND Wow Control: Tupe Wow — is here. Well, it’s here in beta form.

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  • #article
    The Story of DC19
    Delay Concept 19 Nov. 20, 2023

    If you’ve ever changed the time control on a delay, you know the thrill of that characteristic sound: an instantaneous warping, the whole sound running up or down. Hard to describe, really, and even harder to control.

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    Loudness, the Next Goodhertz Plugin
    Now looking for beta-testers June 12, 2023

    We’re happy to announce that the next Goodhertz plugin is: Loudness. It’s the (free!) Goodhertz plugin for making things louder — and quieter — with confidence & ease.

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