Goodhertz 9th Anniversary Sale FAQ

As of this month, Goodhertz has officially been around for 9 years! As is our annual tradition, we’re holding a ¡BIG SALE! to celebrate.

If you know much about Goodhertz, you know that we don’t do a lot of sales; so now’s your chance! From November 21st to December 4th take 35% off all Goodhertz plugins — up to 51% when stacked with bundle discounts.

Ready to buy? Head to the order page!

What are you celebrating, exactly?

The anniversary of Goodhertz Inc.’s founding. But also! The support of all our wonderful customers, especially those of you who encouraged / suggested / demanded that we make a pedal version of one of our plugins.

Do you have any new plugins coming soon?

Yes! We just released the first beta version of Tupe Wow, a completely new plugin that brings ~modulation~ to the Tupe interface you already know and love. What’s that entail? A lot! It’s all broken down on the Tupe Wow page, but the short of it is: tube ripple, tape wow, three completely new tape models, and a ton of new presets. To use the beta (and the eventual non-beta plugin), you’ll need to own both Tupe and Wow Control.

We’ve also started presale for DC19, a completely new — and very experimental — delay plugin. To get access to first beta in Spring of 2024, make sure to buy now to get the lowest price possible.

Also we recently released Loudness, but that’s a completely free plugin, so there’s no need to buy it!

Is the new Goodhertz Lossy pedal by Chase Bliss included in this sale?

As the pedal is produced & manufactured by Chase Bliss, we won’t be selling it directly through our site, and it won’t be marked down during our sales. That said, if you do buy a Goodhertz Lossy pedal from Chase Bliss, you’ll receive a custom 50%-off coupon code for the original Goodhertz Lossy plugin.

Does the sale discount stack with other discounts?

Yep! You can’t stack coupons, but otherwise our automatic bundle discounts do still apply. Keep in mind, the math can get a wee tricky for discounts on top of discounts, so feel free to email us if anything doesn’t make sense.

Can I try the plugins before I buy?

Yes. As always, we have 30-day free trials on all our plugins. Send us a support email if you need your trials reset.

Do you support M1/M2/M3 Macs and macOS Ventura (13.0)?

Yes & yes! Grab the latest Goodhertz installer here.