Justin Delorme — Into the Sea

About a month ago, Canadian composer-producer-performer Justin Delorme sent us an email. He’d been using our plugins in his work (beautiful, cinematic tracks), and he wanted to let us know.1

After reading his email, a eureka moment: maybe Justin would be interested in assembling a set of loops for Fourloops?

I wrote an email to briefly described the concept to him. His reply: very interested. Two weeks later, we received in our inbox a beautiful & perfectly crafted set of 16 loops.

While listening to Justin’s “Into the Sea,” I started to wonder: what if the machine could choose the loops itself? That’s the new random button next to the play button. So be sure to try it out, both on “Into the Sea” and “Fugue State,” and maybe even leave it on in the background for a while.

We also tweaked the design of the whole machine. We reworked the buttons to allow for more combinations, opened up the interface to allow for more exposition, and touched up the typography to match our plugins.

A huge thank you to Justin for putting together the inaugural guest installment of Fourloops, and another open call: if you love Fourloops and Goodhertz plugins, send us some loops!

  1. We love hearing about how people use our software; send us an email