Joey Dosik x Goodhertz on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Recently, Joey Dosik (singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles) asked us to do something we’d never done before: put some Goodhertz plugins on a network television broadcast. While Goodhertz plugins have been heard on TV before — especially in soundtrack music — this would be the first time we know of them being used on the master bus of a live musical performance.

Joey’s album, Game Winner EP, already used a handful of Goodhertz plugins, and for his TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we tried to replicate some of that processing.

The 2-Bus Chain

Our 2-bus processing started with a Vulf Compressor in parallel, getting a little more bump and punchiness from the low end, especially in Theo’s kick drum and Joe Dart’s bass. Next we used a Faraday Limiter in mid/side mode to tame some vocal peaks and warm things up without changing the global dynamic range of the rest of the band.

Joey wanted the mix to sound a little older, so we added a nice 15 IPS Wow Control, which also helped smooth out the hi-hat in the high frequencies above 10 kHz. Finally, we used an instance of Midside to give Joey a little more vocal clarity in the mix and ensure that the low end was mono compatible.

Additional Processing

In addition to our 2-bus chain, we used a mono reverb send to compliment the wider stereo reverb that the broadcast crew was using. We wanted it to be pretty colorful, so we used a full-tilt Wow Control on that send, which saturates really nicely when Joey sings out toward the end of the tune.