Goodhertz is proud to present our first new plugin in over two years: Megaverb! What is Megaverb? It’s an incredibly good bad reverb, inspired, on the one hand, by early digital reverb units of the 1980s, and, on the other, by the classic gated reverb sound that producers loved for a brief shining moment in the second half of that decade.

What’s it sound like? Kind of like how that graphic up above looks, but here’s a sonic example.

Read more about Megaverb at

What else is new in version 3.4?

  • Improved EQ resolution in Tone Control, Tiltshift, & Midside
  • Added keyboard shortcut for A/B
  • Added option to lock a control when switching presets
  • Fixed UI scaling issues in FL Studio & Studio One
  • Beta language support for Arabic in some plugins

Head to to grab version 3.4 and start a 15-day free trial of Megaverb.