Tupe Beta #2

Tupe has been now released (and a lot’s changed since this blog post)! Check out the new product page to read about it and download a trial.

Tupe Beta #2 is ready! If you’ve preordered Tupe, you should have automatically received an email with a link to download Tupe B2.

Tupe B2 addresses some of the most common feedback we’ve received from beta testers (and adds a bunch of other cool features). The biggest change is a complete overhaul of the level matching / gain compensation algorithm. Tupe B2 now has extremely tightly matched level calibration regardless of how hard you push the Drive or Tube/Tape amounts. Just set the new Calibration Trim control, and Tupe will do rest to ensure proper level matching.  

New Opto Compressor!

Tupe B2 adds a new opto compressor mode (in addition to the existing opto limiter). It shares a lot of DNA with the limiter, but it’s a bit more relaxed and is nearly impossible to push too hard. Here’s a quick demo:


Pin Handle Control Improvements

We’ve made it much easier to enter precise values in “pin handle” controls in Tupe B2. Just hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging to display the numeric value and move with greater precision. You can also now type in numbers directly.


Tupe B2 Major Changes

  • Added filter trim control for easier gain matching
  • Added global calibration trim that vastly improves level matching throughout the plugin
  • Added opto compressor mode
  • “Pin handle” controls now much easier to use
  • Master Mix changed to a normal slider
  • Added new VU metering modes: Drive, GR (gain reduction), and Out. The Drive meter is much improved and now fairly accurately shows the actual distortion THD % (from 0.1% to 10%)
  • Added a right-click option for resetting the entire filter section
  • Added a right-click option to “lock” the entire filter section when switching presets
  • General DSP optimization / cut the overall CPU usage in half
  • Added “between” filter option

Thanks everyone for using Tupe and for all the great feedback — hope you enjoy beta #2!