Version 3.2.0

After a long period of internal testing, typesetting, signal verification, and preset authoring, we’ve got a brand new version of our plugins ready to download—

? Download v3.2.0 now at!

What’s new in v3.2:

  • New reverb section added in Lossy
  • Added window resizing support in all plugins
  • Added Stereo Width control in Panpot
  • Added Tube Color meter in Trem Control
  • Added Gate Threshold meter in Lossy
  • Added keyboard focus user preference
  • New presets for Lossy reverb
  • New presets for Wow Control’s “Wet Delay” control
  • Improved support for sample rates above 192kHz
  • Improved preset management
  • Improved high-DPI support for high-resolution displays on Windows
  • Overall stability/bug fixes

If you find any bugs — or have any other feedback at all! — please contact us at