Version 3.5

What has Goodhertz been working on lately? Improving our plugins! From brand-new audio features in CanOpener, Vulf Compressor, and Wow Control, to brand-new visual features across the entire suite, we’ve been optimizing and updating — and we think you’ll want to download version 3.5 immediately, so here’s a link to our downloads page. And here’s a breakdown of everything that’s new and improved ?

Dark Mode

Love our plugins but like to work in the dark? We’ve got you covered. All Goodhertz plugins now have a dedicated “Dark Mode.” You can enable Dark Mode by right-clicking anywhere in the plugin and heading to Preferences > Dark Mode. More in the manuals.

CanOpener Upgrades

CanOpener Studio’s gotten a serious upgrade: HQ Mode, Safe Gain, Dither, Volume Compensation, and overall algorithm improvements, all in a free upgrade. Read more about all the new features in the CanOpener 3.5 blog post.

CanOpener 3.5.0
CanOpener 3.5.0

Improved Language Support

Though we started adding support for multiple languages way back in 2017, we’ve recently overhauled the translation system and are now proud to report that all translations are better than ever — including a brand new language for Goodhertz plugins, French.

Tone Control, en français
Tone Control, en français

Sidechain Tilt in Vulf Compressor

More flexible than a traditional sidechain HPF, the Sidechain Tilt really expands the tone-shaping options in Vulf Comp. Check out the new presets (Untamed 26”, Le Freak Kick, & Accordion Boom) to get a taste of the new sounds it can make.

Sidechain Tilt — new in Vulf Compressor
Sidechain Tilt — new in Vulf Compressor

Wow Control — Random Seeding

Love the randomness of Wow Control but wish you could tame it a little for repeatable bounces and synced instances? Meet Wow Control’s latest addition: the Random Seed control.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “seeding” a random number, the basic idea is that a random number generator, given a certain seed, will repeat itself over and over; if you change the seed, you’ll get a number sequence of randomness.

Wow Control’s new Random Seed control
Wow Control’s new Random Seed control

Miscellaneous Improvements!

  • Improved bounce/export repeatability in various DAWs — now guaranteed to produce the same output after multiple processing passes in most DAWs.
  • Improved A/B functionality — now retained after closing the UI.
  • Improved various UI elements — typeface tweaks and enhanced HUDs.
  • Improved animations and metering on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where switching presets in Vulf Compressor could cause silent output.
  • Fixed a bug where Megaverb could inadvertently filter the dry signal.
  • Fixed preset locking behavior in Megaverb’s Predelay and Gate parameters.