Fourloops, a Loop Series

We at Goodhertz recently launched something we call Fourloops, a small web-based looping machine. “Four-” because there are always four distinct tracks, and “-loops” because each track is the exact same length, and loops endlessly.

Here’s our first installment, featuring Vulfpeck’s modern classic, Fugue State.

We launched the project for two reasons:

  1. It’s a great way to showcase our plugins.
  2. It’s a great way for artists to showcase something we don’t usually get to hear: multiple treatments of a single stem.

The first point is obvious, the second less so.

Making music means making decisions. No matter how many killer guitar sounds you conjure up during the recording or producing process, either some will contradict the vibe of the whole track, or there won’t be enough time to feature each flavor.

What Fourloops presupposes is: maybe that doesn’t have to be the case?1

What if artists took a moment in time — 8 seconds, say — and exploded it into four dimensions: “clean” (the track with no effects), and three different — perhaps wildly different — takes on that same sound.

The result is an opportunity to showcase an incredible diversity of tone in those single-digit seconds (256 possible combinations to be precise).

And Vulfpeck is just the beginning! Already in the pipeline: more ambient noises, and 256 ways to hear 4 banjos play a single fiddle tune.

We hope you like Fourloops.

  1. To paraphrase Eli Cash