First Beta coming Spring 2024
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A delay in motion — that’s a beautiful thing. DC19 is a playable delay, an experimental plugin built with hardware controllers in mind.

Put another way: where a standard delay gives you a button, DC19 gives you a slider.

Though still early in its development, we wanted to make DC19 available for presale to gauge interest in the concept. Think of a purchase today as an investment in the future of this experimental plugin.

Is this the be-all-end-all of delays? Absolutely not. It’s a little weirdo.

Read more about the backstory here.

Some quick FAQs

Why would I purchase DC19 now?

  • You’ll get the lowest price possible
  • You’ll get access to the beta program when it starts
  • You’ll get a chance to help shape the final product during the beta testing phase

When will the first beta be available to DC19 owners?

We’re hoping to have a Beta 1 available in the spring of 2024.