A screenshot of the DC19 interface
Beta 2 now available for DC19 owners
This plugin is in limited beta

Beta 2 is now available to owners.

If you’re seeing this message but you purchased DC19 during the presale, make sure to login to download the beta.

A delay in motion — that’s a beautiful thing. DC19 is a playable delay, an experimental plugin built with hardware controllers in mind. Where a standard delay gives you a button, DC19 gives you a slider.

You can read more about the backstory here, and details about Beta 2 below.

DC19 Beta 2 is now available!

This update brings a bunch of new features — including a very rad spring reverb — that greatly expand what DC19 can do: from drenched surf echoes and tape’d out slapbacks to weirdo tape loops and sound design. Be sure to check out the presets for a taste of the new capabilities.

Here are the topline changes:

  • Added SPRING reverb section with SPRING HOLD macro & decay controls
  • Added tape LOFI control, which moves through several different tape machines seamlessly
  • Added tape WOBBLE control with stereo/mono option
  • Made it zero latency! (and fixed the reported latency)
  • Added HQ Mode! (also zero latency)
  • Added DRY PAN control
  • Added output gain meters
  • Pan link control now links input modes, output panners, and output gain sliders

Previously on DC19…

DC19 Beta 1 is now available!

DC19 Beta 1 FAQ:

Will this beta be compatible with future versions of DC19?

No, the parameter map in the release version of DC19 is likely to be different. That said, Beta #1 can be co-installed with future versions, making it easy to recall any sessions that might use this beta. We’ll continue to make this beta available for download in the future for everyone who preordered DC19.

Is a manual available yet?

Not yet. That said, here’s a broad overview of how to think about the plugin:

DC19 has two main delay lines: A and B.

You can use DC19 as a single delay (just A), a dual delay (A and B together), a ping pong delay (A only), or a dual ping pong delay (A + B both crossfeeding the feedback). It can get pretty deep.

The Quantization controls for A/B give you complete control over how the delay lands in relation to the beat, making it easy to be “in time” or very much not.

“A” is the primary delay, and the “A/B Time Sync” parameter controls the synchronization between A and B’s delay times: moving B in the direction of A (great for getting B just out-of-sync enough with A).

In the Advanced Pane, there are a bunch of controls for the routing, panning, & level of A/B, with some of the panning options borrowed from our Panpot plugin.

The Glide controls change how the delay times move & glide around (you can also turn off gliding completely, but delay times will still change gracefully without clicks or pops).

The macros KILL ALL, KILL FEEDBACK, and INFINITE HOLD are great for “performing” the delay. These are momentary controls, so the amount of time you hold them matters.

Hopefully this is enough information to get ya going! If not, please let us know!

What’s the “intentionally blank” section?

We have some plans for the Tape section and the “intentionally blank” section, but if you have any suggestions or feedback please send us a message!

Why don’t I see a link to download the beta if I own DC19?

Make sure you login. If you still don’t see anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.