Midside Matrix pares down our acclaimed mid/side processor, Midside, to just the essentials: mid/side matrixing, gains, monitoring, & metering — all in a simple, lightweight package. And, because we love M/S processing so much at Goodhertz, we decided to make Midside Matrix free for everyone! Tell your friends (Twitter / Facebook).

  • M/S encoding & decoding
  • M/S mute functionality
  • High resolution M/S gain faders
  • Pre/post fader level metering
  • Flip left/right
  • Click-free operation (fully automatable)
  • Large goniometer

Stereo Width Control

Changing the stereo width in Midside Matrix is as simple as boosting or cutting the side signal. Want to make a stereo source wider? — try a +6dB sides boost. Need to make something mono? — just mute the sides altogether. Need more fine-tuned stereo width controls? — check out all the expressive stereo width modes in the full version of Midside.

Easy Mid/Side Conversion

Using Midside Matrix, it’s incredibly easy to convert between M/S and L/R stereo signals without needing to worry about extra buses, gain staging, or incorrect panning.

Turn any stereo processor into a Mid/Side processor:

MS Matrix Diagram

Using two instances of Midside Matrix, any stereo processor — even analog hardware — can be converted into a mid/side-capable stereo processor.

Simple Mid/Side Recording

The M/S microphone technique is extremely flexible and sounds great in lots of applications, but because of the complexity of creating an M/S recording in most DAWs, it’s often incorrectly setup or avoided altogether.

Before Midside Matrix, M/S recording usually looked like this:

  • Three audio tracks: M, S+, S-
  • Required manually panning S+, S- & polarity reversal for S-
  • One stereo bus to route the M/S signal for processing and fader rides
  • Total tracks: 4

With Midside Matrix:

  • One stereo audio track with M & S signals as the input
  • Midside Matrix performs M/S → L/R conversion
  • Total tracks: 1

M/S recording is a lot better with Midside Matrix. In the words of Tyler Duncan, “This plugin has already condensed one session by 12 tracks.”

Always Automatable

Like all our plugins, Midside Matrix was built to be automated and moved around — (even the mute and matrix buttons won’t click or pop). Use it to manipulate space and depth; automate the mid/side gains to create more motion in your mixes or masters.

Want even more Mid/Side control?

Try out Midside, our full-featured, mastering-grade mid/side processor.

N.B. If you don’t own any other Goodhertz plugins, you’ll need an internet connection to use Midside Matrix for free.