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    The True Story of Megaverb
    The making of our latest video May 2, 2019
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    A Brief History of Vulf Compressor (Podcast)
    How the Vulf Compressor came to be May 19, 2015

    Here at Goodhertz, we love sounds and we love stories, so we thought: we should make a podcast. And what better story to pilot the podcast than the story of how Vulf Compressor — our quixotic dynamics plugin — came to be.

    So we called up Jack Stratton (of Vulf & Vulfpeck), and asked him to tell the story of how he — with the help of Goodhertz’ Devin Kerr — turned his search for a sound into a powerful, one-of-a-kind plugin; how Goodhertz turned Jack’s notion into a now-on-sale.

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    Vinyl Sim
    Vulf Compressor — inspired by a true story April 18, 2015

    If only we knew who programmed the DSP on the Roland SP-303. One day we’ll find out. One day we’ll meet them, shake their hands, and conduct a brief interview. Some questions we have in mind:

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