3.7.5 Release

We’ve updated all Goodhertz plugins to v3.7.5 — a major update from v3.6 including full Apple M1/M2 support, enhanced graphics, higher precision controls in several plugins, and many other improvements & bugfixes. On M1, expect to see 30-40% better performance compared to Rosetta 2!

v3.7 is a FREE update for all Goodhertz plugin owners and is available for download now for both macOS and Windows.

Download Goodhertz v3.7.5

⚠️ A note of caution for Windows users: legacy ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics cards (originally released in 2010) are not yet supported on v3.7.x — please remain on 3.6.4. We’re actively working on a solution to enable support in a future update.

v3.7.x Release Notes

  • New Additions:

    • Added native Apple silicon support (M1/M2)!
    • Added higher precision controls for some mix/amount parameters in Tone Control, Trem Control, Wow Control, CanOpener, & Midside
    • Added a level indicator to Vulf Compressor’s Digital Ref Level
  • Improvements:

    • Improved overall animation performance
    • Improved plugin load/open times
    • Improved the right-click context menus and added a DSP usage meter
    • Improved graphical performance, text rendering, and anti-aliasing
    • Improved language support for preset names & notes
    • Improved support for EUCON control surfaces
    • Improved Dark Mode support for Windows 10+
  • Bugfixes:  

    • Fixed a bug in Logic Pro on M1 where meters could disappear when reopening the UI
    • Fixed an issue with level indicators not displaying negative gain values in Tone Control
    • Fixed an issue with the “Enable Metering” user preference where metering did not fully turn off when unchecked
    • Fixed an issue with font display on older Mac operating systems